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UN Basic Security in the Field - Staff Safety, Health, and Welfare

The United Nations, in cooperation with other UN organizations, has created a CD-Rom called "Basic Security in the Field - Staff Safety, Health, and Welfare”.  This CD-Rom provides basic security information at several levels. The Secretary General of ITU has decided that all staff members as well as all consultants, experts, committee members, conference participants, etc. traveling at ITU's expenses, will have to complete this CD-Rom.


Therefore, María Gabriela Sarmiento, one of the members of our firm, before undertaking her mission as independent consultant, completed the document "Basic Security in the Field" which in four hours took her around all dangerous scenarios to be avoided when travelling to a critical country.


General Background

What is the "Basic Security in the Field" CDRom Course?

·         The Basic Security in the Field training is a computor-based, interactive and certified programme designed to meet basic overall security awareness and simple strategies to improve the safety and well being for all UN personnel

·         The Basic Security in the Field Course is a mandatory requirement for all UNOPS personnel.

·         The Basic Security in the Field Course is a prerequisite for all personnel undertaking mission travel where an offical Security Clearance is required.

Who has to take the course?

·         All personnel of UNOPS in HQ, regional and field must complete the course,. This includes 100, 200, 300 Series Staff, SSA and SC holders, interns, and any other individuals who have UNOPS contracts.

·         UNOPS personnel cannot travel on mission to a country with a designated security phase without passing the course and subsequently requesting offical security clearance.

·         All newly recruited personnel must complete the course as a condition of employment with 7 working days of recruitement 

·         Individuals who do not have subscribed UNOPS contracts, but who travel under a UNOPS travel authorization (TA) must successfully complete the course

·         Give a copy of your certificate to your HR Associate or HR/Admin Associate who will place it in your personnel file.

What is in the course?

·         The course contains 6 modules and 3 review points.

·         Each review point must be passed before proceeding to the next module.

·         Progress in the course will only save up to the last review point passed.

·         Structure

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: UN Security System

Review Point 1

Module 3: On the Move

Module 4: Where you Live and Work

Review Point 2

Module 5: Your Health and Welfare

Module 6: Your Personal Safety

Review Point 3

Final Test

Source: http://www.unops.org/security/UNOPSSecurityFAQ.htm

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