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Accounting, Administrative and Financial Services

  • Banking and finance.
  • Capital market.
  • Financial analyses.
  • Administration and economy.
  • Restructuring, merger and conversion of Financial Institutions and corporate groups.
  • Management and structure of financial and real-estate operations. Juridical - financial advising in stock exchange operations and capital market in general.
  • Participation and planning in processes of privatization. Prices of transference.
  • Prices of transference
  • Analysis and instrumentation in local jurisdiction and off-shore
  • Business inteligence (analysis of environment)
  • Valuation of companies.
  • Tax law. Tributary(tax) and patrimonial planning and Advising in tax matter (Income tax [I.S.L.R.], Imposed on the Added Value [I.V.A.], municipal taxes)
  • Customs law
  • Accounting small enterprise of different economic sectors. This service includes the seat of countable records and an analysis to optimize the accounting, which wraps variety of activities, such as: bank conciliations, liquidations of personnel, declarations of VAT, conciliations of VAT, payments of municipal taxes, closing of the companies on having finished the economic exercise realizing the adjustment for inflation, financial statements and definitive declaration of revenues and I.A.E.
  • We realize the review and analysis of such different accounts(bills) of the Balance like banks, slopes for paying, you tell for receiving(charging), income, interests, credits, lendings in the long term, assets fixed and imposed to third, between(among) others.
  • Financial, legal audits (and due diligence), countable and technical. We are employed at investigations of bank falsification and give services of investigation of bank frauds.

We are strategic allies, between(among) others, of a signature(company) of Public Book-keepers with activities from 2001 directed by professionals with an extensive experience and with the analytical aptitudes, integrity and objectivity, with experience in the General Controllership of the Republic and in Audits to Private Companies, Small and Medium Company (SME). His(her,your) approach wide and orientated towards the business, it(he,she) allows them to obtain a complete comprehension of His(Her,Your) organization, pudiéndo this way to give constructive recommendations to his(her,your) Management. His(her,your) intention is to offer creative ideas and practical solutions to his(her,your) problems, for which, there is needed experience, technical excellence and a capacity of services that offers him(her) an integral vision to his(her,your) needs.

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