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Telecommunications, Information, and Communication Technologies

  • We rely on expert engineers in the area of the telecommunications, of the convergence and of the computation.
  • In turn, we rely on attorneys expert in the legal aspects of the electronic commerce, of the electronic contracting, of the electronic signatures of the sure transactions in which cryptographic technology is in use, of the entities of certification and of the digital certificates.
  • We advise and take part in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Policies and Marco Regulatorio of Society of the Information, both nacional and regional.
  • Our attorneys handle the foreign legislation and international models in the protection areas of the personal information and privacy, of protection of the consumer in line, of applicable law and of jurisdiction in electronic transactions and of computer crimes, among others. For major information about the regulative topics in the field of the electronic commerce and, in general, of the TIC, we invite him to see our database of Legislation under the item "Laws".
  • Likewise, we have engineers expert in the area of electronic commerce and Project Managers, engineers and businessmen specializing in the business and the technologies of the telecommunications.
  • We give Engineering service across our strategic allies: we conceptualize, design, elaborate processes organizacionales, develop systems of computation and provide specializing training... It is a question of engineering adapted to the service needed by You!
  • In addition, we rely on a strategic ally that specializes itself in the marketing equipment of telecommunications (including support and training) between those who are: external plant of optical fiber, networking, wireless (information / voice) and Voice on IP. Our ally has centered in developing an integral offer of telecommunications for the Venezuelan market and offers products manufactured by an important group of international companies and his(her,your) principal lines are:

OPTICAL FIBER (air Cables type OPGW and ADSS, equipments of optical test, Sleeves for junction and connection, iron-works of tie of air cables, passive Systems of connection for networks of information (patch panels, cable assemblies, racks), Equipments for the installation of cables for blown and mike cables);

VOICE ON IP (VoIP) (solutions of voice on IP for companies and carriers) and

WIRELESS (with access of information and voice, point to point and / or multipoint)

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