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Labour Law

  • Our attorneys count with more than 20 years of experience in these areas. Before initiating or to answer a labour litigation, we contemplate the negotiations, but, everything will depend on the pertinent circumstances to the moment taking the decisions, seeking always to support the well-being of the relations among employers and workers.
  • The Social Law is exercised and of the Work in general, from the production of the Individual or Collective Contracts up to the completion of the labour relation. We advise our clients in the interpretation of the scope and content of the constitutional, legal and regulation dispositions that govern any relation of work, that is to say, the Organic Law of the Work and its Reform, the Organic Law of Prevention, Conditions and Environment of Work, and in the diverse labour, such matters as, National Health Service, Strikes and Individual and Collective Contracting for branch of industry.
  • There is attended and represents he in the different labour situations:
  • Permissions: We proceed in the face of the Inspector of the Work with the permission for the prolongation of the ordinary day for the rendering of services in overtime.
  • Notice: The notice is the early notice that the employer must grant to the worker in the cases of dismissed unjustified. The labour legislation arranges to the employers a notice which anticipation is proportional to the antiquity of the worker in the company, and establishes equally that, in case of the notice be omitting, has to pay an indemnification to the worker equivalent to the number of days on which the notice of completion of the relation should be had met.
  • The notice: the worker must give it when he moves retires from his work. This notice must be proportional at the time that it has served.
  • Transactions: It is a contract for which employer and workers negotiate and, in consequence, reciprocal grants are done, such as, notice and antiquity, defeated and by installments vacations and his bond, defeated and by installments usefulness(utilities), holiday days and of rest, wage increases for route of decrees or contractual of the National Executive, interests on social presentations, fideicommissum, diurnal and night overtime, night bonds, of transport, food and compensatory, fallen and retained wages, damages and prejudices. All that is proceeded in the face of an Office of a notary and Inspectoría of the Work by his respective homologations in the face of the Courts of the matter.
  • Calculations of Liquidation of Social Presentations: The monetary adjustment of the social presentations is based on the restitution of the value of the obligations of money that the worker was possessing for the date of the calculation, that is to say for the date of his retirement of the company.
  • This amount must be index-linked and include the interests caused due to the delay in the payment on the part of the employer. We realize the Calculations of Liquidation of Social Presentations with Interests and Indexation taking in consideration the inflation and loss of the real value of the currency. It will allow a just remuneration for the presentation legally owed by the employer, correcting the injustice of the unpunctual payment of the presentations.
  • Employers' substitution: substitution of the employer Will Exist when trasmite the property, the ownership or the development of a company of a natural or juridical person to OTHER ONE, for any reason, and they continue the labors of the company being realized by the same personnel and material facilities.
  • Labour accidents: The response before labour contingencies, performs vital importance to avoid labour mishaps. For it, we advise to the company in fulfillment of the legal protective devices of the workers this way to avoid major evil as the total and permanent disability.
  • Occupational disease: This one is a pathological condition contracted on the occasion of the work or for exhibition to the environment in which the worker is obliged to work, and the one that could be originated by the actions of physical, chemical or biological agents, economic or meteorological conditions, psychological or emotional factors (ej. Moral or sexual harassment or both) that demonstrate for an organic injury, disorders enzimáticos or biochemical, temporary or permanent.

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