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Telecom and Cyber Law


We rely on expert engineers in the area of the telecommunications and of the convergence and in computation.

We advise and take part in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Political and Marco Regulatorio of Society of the Information, to national as regional level

In turn, we rely on attorneys expert in the legal aspects of the electronic trade, of the electronic contracting, of the electronic signatures(companies), of the sure transactions in which cryptographic technology is in use, of the entities of certification and of the digital certificates.

Our attorneys handle the foreign legislation and international models in the protection areas of the personal information and privacy, of protection of the consumer in line, of applicable law and of jurisdiction in electronic transactions and of computer crimes, between(among) others.

Likewise, we have engineers expert in the area of electronic trade and Project Managers, engineers and businessmen specializing in the business and the technologies of the telecommunications

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