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Civil Law

Civil and Procedural Law
  • Civil contracts: we offers consults on any contract of civil character, and other compulsory relations in general. It´s study, preparation, development, draft and visa. They can become of private form or in public form (across the so called Public Offices of a notary). In contracting, we have wide experience, and in it indexes particularly to the most common agreements: commodates, merchantings, the guarantees, the articles(garments,securities), mortgages, etc.. Besides, touches itself the most frequent problematics derived from them, which is the responsibility for accidents or negligencias professionals.
  • Moral damages: In case of corporal injury, death, from attempt to your honor, to your reputation, or to those of your)family, to your personal freedom, violation of your domicile or of a secret relating to the disabled part, caused by an illicit act, they can use the courts for achieving an indemnification to the victim, to the relatives, be precise, or spouse, as repair of the pain suffered by the victims.
  • Civil responsibility of Architects and Engineers: one works the related thing to the damages and prejudices caused by the professional responsibility of architects, builders and engineers in the works to your cargo derived from mistakes, omissions and negligencias, vices of design, project, soil, or a danger of ruin for fault of construction
  • For cases related to family right, we recommend to visit our section dedicated to this branch of the right.
  • For cases on successions, diríjase to the above mentioned section.

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