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We are heading towards SKC!

Dear reader, 

In May 2020, our co-founder Maria Gabriela Sarmiento has launched a separate consulting firm independent from SNC. The management, administration, finances, taxation issues, duties and responsibilities of the new founded firm have no direct or indirect legal nexus with SNC. The name of the newly incorporated firm is Sarmiento Klumpner Consulting. The name will allow you to easily identify her through her corporate branding.

An important feature of this new firm is that the only economic beneficiary of the firm is her founder, Maria Gabriela Sarmiento. Take it as a sort of emancipation. Maria Gabriela, who is attorney-at-law registered at the Caracas Bar Association, will however continue working closely with her long-life partner the French jurist Rachel Pachoud, in all matters related to French Law. Rachel and Maria Gabriela made a master's degree in International Trade Law together in France. Maria Gabriela takes of course her SNC portfolio with to SKC. She will continue providing legal counseil to its clients, and working on her PhD thesis related to the recovery of foreign stolen assets and restitution to the country of origin, once the stolen assets are traced and identified in an offshore financial center.  

When there will be a political change in Venezuela, and economic sanctions be withdrawn, as well as, the listing of the country as a high risk country, Maria Gabriela will consider to work under the unbrella of SNC again. The roots will not be forgotten, they are just on "forced" stand-by for a while.  

Best regards,

SNC Group
27 May 2020