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E-Commerce Workshop in Saint Lucia. 2001

Legislative requirements for e-commerce

Castries, Saint Lucia. 27 and 30 September 2001 


Basic E-Commerce Training for Pakistan - Legislative Requirements for E-Transactions

Paper prepared by Maria Gabriela Sarmiento under the mandate and on behalf on the International Telecommunication Union in March 2001


The African Region (including Arab countries) - Legal framework for e-commerce

Document prepared by Maria Gabriela Sarmiento under the mandate and on behalf of the International Telecommunication Union on September the 3rd., 2002. An investigation was performed in order to collect the local legislation adopted by countries on electronic commerce, digital signature, data messages, among other subject-matters within the African Region.


The role of specialized agencies in the International System: Fostering Development Through E-Commerce

Presentation prepared by Sarmiento, Maria Gabriela within the mandate of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for the Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations (CASIN), both based in Geneva, Switzerland.

19 September 2001


e-Services Checklist


I. What for?

II. What are the technical and legal requirements?

III. What should Governments do to enhance its development? Article written by Sarmiento, Maria Gabriela (It is a compilation of existing electronic services in February 2002) and published on the website of the Editorial Jurídica VLex. February 2002. 


Developing and least developed countries legal framework on e-commerce, digital signatures, e-certification, e-transactions, CAs and RAs

Research undertaken by Sarmiento, Maria Gabriela under the mandate of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) within the Electronic Commerce for Developing Countries (EC-DC) project participant countries.

Published on ITU's website on February the 26th, 2001


Citizens and Public Administration in the Information Age. E-public services. Web Self-Service in the Public Sector.

Article written by Sarmiento, M.Gabriela published by the Observatorio de Sociedad, Gobierno y Tecnologías de Información. Universidad Externado de Colombia. Bogota

Research undertaken in March 2005 within the Panamerican Nations.



Informatics and Citizens: What do the new trends have to offer different groups of individuals

Article written by Sarmiento, M.Gabriela in September 2005

Published at the webpage of the: Observatorio de Sociedad, Gobierno y Tecnologías de Información. Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogota.


Some Thoughts on the Legal Aspects of New Technologies

Article written by Sarmiento, Maria Gabriela published in the "International Conference on Politics and Information Systems: Technologies and Applications", Pista 2005 publication. pages 132-138. July 2005. Miami, Florida


This paper addresses legal and ethical topics raised by the use of Internet for concluding contra read more...